Halloween 2022: Here Are the Wildest Celebrity Costumes So Far

Imagine going back in time and telling Mr. Halloween, the inventor of Halloween, that by the year 2022, the holiday would now span anywhere from three to five days and transform into an excuse for celebrities and their teams to dig into the recesses of pop culture and cook up elaborate costumes, skits, full photoshoots, and all-out parties for our entertainment. This year, Halloweekend bloat seems to have been at an all-time high: Kim Kardashian showed up to Tracee Ellis Ross’s not-Halloween-themed birthday party in full special effects makeup as X-Men’s Mystique. Diddy, dressed as a startlingly convincing Joker (Heath Ledger’s Version), left Tyler, the Creator speechless. And it’s still only just now Monday, October 31, a.k.a. actual Halloween, meaning there is probably more to come.

Here are the wildest, wackiest, and weirdest costumes so far—but stay tuned: