Healthy breakfast ideas to lose weight

Eat This, Not That and Release Some Extra Pounds

If you are struggling with your weight loss issues, and want to get a lean and healthy body, one of the undeniable facts proven by a health-related study conducted at Cornell University, that if you start your day with a balanced and healthy dose of required vitamins and minerals, you are already one step ahead in the journey then those who are trying to lose their weight by totally skipping the breakfast. Scientific research has proven that when a sample size of 150 out of 200 people, who were interviewed said that they never had to struggle with their body mass index, or has a feeling that they are gaining some extra pounds, the overlapping fact found among all of them was that they approximately 95 percent of them never skip their breakfast and hade some healthy quantity of necessary minerals and vitamins early in the morning, that boosts their energy level. This research not only favors fit and healthy individuals, but it also states that the fact remains the same for those who are trying to lose weight. For a person who wants to lose some extra calories, breakfast can lay the foundation for the rest of the day. Another study conducted by National Weight Control Registry, stated staggering statistic through an ongoing research project that has been collecting data for over 25 years, that a health-related survey revealed that 78 percent of people who are going through a weight loss journey and are saucerful in losing some pounds eat breakfast every day.

On the other hand, skipping breakfast totally or not having the right options available for breakfast can amplify the cravings and you are already distracted from the weight loss journey even before a new day starts and new milestones to achieve. You may have heard eating breakfast is not as important for everyone, that might be true only if you are preferring the wrong foods in breakfast, then skipping your morning carbs may be a better choice than putting on and another layer of fats. However, a healthy combination of nutrients, vitamins, and a well-balanced portion of breakfast can provide you energy. Fueling the body with the best and healthy breakfast options, the right food type can curb your junk cravings and keep your energy level to the maximum until your next meal, this could ease your weight loss journey by minimizing your snacking quantity and time.

So now we have made it very clear that having breakfast is an important factor contributing towards having a balanced and healthy life, despite you are on a weight loss journey or not. Now the question arises, that is all type of breakfast options are healthy enough to consume? Is all food types favor the weight loss journey? What breakfast ideas we can adopt to satisfy both our cravings as well as to minimize the calorie intake? So here, we put together a list of best food ideas approved by nutritionists and health scientists that you may spot n your morning fuel, as well as a healthy recipe in collaboration with dietitians, has also been suggested that you can use them in.

Healthy breakfast ideas

The weight loss journey seems theoretically simple, but it accompanies a complex combination of hormones, cravings which leads to mood swings. In one moment, you are at the peak of your enthusiasm and zeal, and zest to move towards your ideal body type and the next moment you feel like you have already lost the battle. Therefore, to have a combination of breakfast ideas in your list, that favors both your nutrient balance and weight loss requirements and in addition, will satisfy your taste buds too is very important. Here, for your convenience, we have numbered a few of the best and healthiest breakfast ideas.

  • Greek or Icelandic yogurt, berries, and granola
  • Oatmeal, apples, peanut butter, flaxseeds
  • Southwest-inspired eggs, black beans, avocado, tomato salsa
  • Salmon toast, Greek yogurt spread, tomatoes, cucumber, high-fiber bread
  • Ground turkey and egg hash with sweet potatoes
  • Weight loss smoothie with peanut butter, strawberries, protein powder
  • Almond butter toast with bananas
  • Broccoli, egg, turkey bacon, and cheese quiche
  • Protein coffee
  • Whole wheat pancakes with berries, mint, walnuts, and yogurt
  • Chia pudding

What foods to eat for breakfast to lose weight

The best breakfast option for anyone is the one that has a balanced combination of all your required nutrients, vitamins, is high in fiber content, and contains less unhealthy fats. A healthy breakfast sets the building block of your healthy day and regulates your entire day. You can take any food that is high in protein content, and low in calories. g Facts About Earth’s Oceans

Breakfast recipes for weight loss

Here are some of the best recipes gathered and modified for you. They are both easy to prepare, take less preparation time as well as appeals both aesthetically and taste-wise while eating. Try these healthy and scrumptious recipes and forget about donuts and drive-thru.

1.      Raspberry

One of the most delicious and appealing breakfast options is to have a cup of raspberries in the morning. Now why raspberries are considered as a good option for weight loss struggle is that having a cup of raspberries will provide you eight grams of fiber, as we have already discussed that having a meal high in fiber content is good for weight loss. But why is there so much hype for fiber intake? The answer is given by research published in the journal of Nutrition that concluded that eating foods rich in fiber will prevent weight gain as well as will boost your metabolism system and favors weight loss. An experimental setup over the time period of two years proved that for every 1000 calories if you boost your fiber content by eight grams you result in losing four and a half pounds of weight.

2.        Oatmeal

Having oatmeal in your breakfast does wonder. It can help you in, either way, first it is enriched with fiber and secondly, it keeps you feeling fuller and longer, this will help you to minimize your snacking time and keeps your cravings away till next meal. Another important feature of having oatmeal as your breakfast is that the researchers have proven that having a breakfast that contains slow-releasing carbohydrates and takes longer to digest, such as oatmeal or bran cereal may help you to burn more fat if you take them three hours prior to exercise. The mechanism behind this is that slow-releasing carbohydrates do not spike your blood sugar level as high as compared to eating refined carbohydrates. In turn insulin concentration, which is a signaling molecule in our body that stores fats do not spikes as high. Thus, a lower blood sugar level means your body is constantly detoxing your stored fats.

3.        Yogurt

A recent study published by Harvard scientists in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded the correlation of some foods with weight loss journey, and among the top five food recipes having yogurt was one of them. As above we stated that the best food for weight loss is one that is high in protein because protein is a natural component of food that makes you feel fuller and takes longer to digest, therefore another supporting argument to have yogurt in breakfast is because it provides you the essential protein content and helps you to get leaner. Another research proved that when people drank a whey protein drink, and have lost about 4 pounds more, and centimeters from the waist down for a 6-month period, and they were less hungry than those who were given a carbohydrate shake instead. Other studies in mice have shown that when mice were given the additional whey protein, they are less in weight and fat and more lean muscle mass, even if the calories are the same. Whey protein is naturally found in yogurt and other dairy products. In addition, choosing plain yogurt and adding fresh fruits may help you to avoid some extra sugar and save some calories.

4.        Peanut Butter

According to one research done in Harvard, another significantly important food type for weight loss is to have nuts, which are among the top 5 most beneficial foods supporting weight loss. The main reason behind this is because peanut butter delivers a sufficient and healthy dose of healthy fats, essential fibers, and required proteins in a balanced combination and satisfying dose.  For a long nut have been thought to have high in calories and fats. But the fact is peanut butter or nut butter are calorie-dense, two tablespoons of peanut butter provide you only 200 calories, seven grams of essential proteins, and two grams of necessary fibers. Hence, peanut butter is one healthy and nutritious option to have in breakfast.

The Triple Bottom line

We conclude this article with a statement that, whether you are on a weight loss journey or not, having a balanced and healthy breakfast is the core foundation of your healthy day. The best breakfast recipe is anything that is high in fiber content, provides you required protein content, contains slow-releasing carbohydrates instead of processed carbs, and keeps your cravings away for longer yet providing you the building energy that you would not feel lethargic.