‘Heartbroken’ Molly McCann’s three-fight win streak ruthlessly ended by Erin Blanchfield who battered then tapped out ‘Meatball’ at UFC 281

Molly McCann’s impressive win streak was ruthlessly ended by Erin Blanchfield at UFC 281 on Saturday night.

‘Meatball’ has become one of the biggest British MMA stars after picking up three successive wins including back-to-back spinning elbow knockouts over Luana Carolina and Hannah Goldy.

Molly McCann put her three-fight win streak on the line at UFC 281


Molly McCann put her three-fight win streak on the line at UFC 281

As of result, she was given the chance to shine at UFC 281 in Madison Square Garden, New York, against Blanchfield who is one of the brightest prospects in women’s MMA.

At just 23 years old, the American already boasted a 9-1 record which includes several high-profile victories over the likes of Kay Hansen, JJ Aldrich, and Miranda Maverick – who called out McCann following her win at UFC London in July.

Blanchfield proved she was levels above McCann on fight night as she easily took Paddy Pimblett’s training partner to the floor and quickly secured the mounted crucifix – arguably the most dominant position in MMA.

After brutalizing the Everton-mad scouser with punches and elbows ‘Cold Blooded’ eventually switched to a kimura submission which ultimately forced her opponent to tap out.

McCann was quick to congratulate Blanchfield and even picked up her opponent in a beautiful moment of sportsmanship after losing for the first time since February 2021.

After her career-best win, the flyweight prospect spoke of her surprise McCann was allowed to continue fighting through the one-sided beatdown.  

‘Meatball’ was dominated on the floor by Blanchfield

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‘Meatball’ was dominated on the floor by Blanchfield

The 23-year-old wants a top-10 opponent next


The 23-year-old wants a top-10 opponent next

“I was definitely surprised they didn’t stop it,” Blanchfield told Joe Rogan.

“I was throwing so many punches, threw a few elbows. She was still moving, she wasn’t completely out but it probably could have been stopped earlier.

“The first one she was blocking my legs and I couldn’t get over the head, so I knew she was going to get out but the second one my leg was over her arm so I knew it would be there.”

Blanchfield added that she wants to fight someone in the top five next.

“In a year, I will have either have had a fight with someone in the top five or just winning a fight against someone in the top five. Something in that realm.”

McCann was understandably gutted during her post-fight interview with BT Sport, she said: “To say I’m anything other than heartbroken would be a lie.

“I’ve been in this position before and I know how to handle myself. It’s just rubbish that at this level it’s like one little thing changes it but it’s also the most amazing thing about MMA.

“I won’t be too downbeat. I’ll get back up and I’ll get on. I feel like with each win I’ve learnt how to become more professional and with each loss, I’ll do the same.”