Heidi Klum Spent Two Years Crafting Her Halloween Costume

Klum said it took her two years of brainstorming to come up with the worm concept. “I like to do something unexpected, so I tried to think of a costume that is super absurd, but also very familiar,” Klum says. “Because it is Halloween, you need the creepy factor, also a bit gross and disgusting.” She, of course, needed a team of talented special effects people to make her creepy-crawly vision come to life, so she worked with makeup artist Mike Marino and his team at Prosthetic Renaissance. They’re her go-to Halloween glam team. “No matter how crazy my ideas are, Mike brings them to life,” Klum says. “I wanted to be Jessica Rabbit, and he said, ‘No problem.’ I wanted to be the werewolf from the ‘Thriller’ video, and he said, ‘No problem.’ Clone me five times? ‘No problem.’”

The model admits that when she first called Marino with the concept of becoming a worm, he was hesitant about the logistics. “I called him and said, ‘Make me a worm,’ and he said, ‘Huh?!?!?!’ He initially did not want to do it and kept encouraging me to think of a new idea,” Klum says. “However, I am not like that: When I fall in love with an idea, I do not want to pivot.” How exactly did the team do it? Klum slipped into a fully-cocooned prosthetic shell (where her arms were fully constricted), and then they applied special effects facepiece to make Klum’s face seamlessly blend into the folds of her costume, so only her eyes and mouth stood out.