Hoka Shoe Sale: The Race-Ready Carbon X 2 Sneakers Are 30% Off Right Now

Hoka running shoes have a reputation. First, they’re great for running. Second, they’re not cheap. Whether you need something for endurance running or a pair for racing on the trail, Hoka makes one of the best running sneakers to buy. If you’re currently in the market for an everyday trainer, er, sneaker, then you can get the Hoka Carbon X 2 for a nice 30% off right now.

Layer 1

The Carbon X 2s get their name from the carbon fiber plates that help propel runners farther and faster, while helping with your stride as they make for smoother transitions as you run. Basically, running in these is like getting an extra boost while you run—”pep in your step” has rarely rung truer. 

Then, like any good running shoe, these have a breezy mesh upper for breathability, because no one wants athlete’s foot. That thick rubberized EVA outsole is also a blessing for those who want to feel like you’re running on clouds.

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