How a French Mom-to-Be Does Pregnancy Style

What are you currently wearing?

Mainly skirts and pants with elastic; short knit dresses; and my Wolford body cocoon dress that I can transform from a long dress to a skirt to a short dress. I also wear a lot of tops with mesh or transparent knit, it keeps my baby bump warm but also allows me to show it. I play a lot with my accessories: shoes, bags and jewelry. I love my vintage Tom Ford-era Gucci boots that are comfy and sexy.

What are your favorite designers and labels that you’ve gravitated to while pregnant?

The Row, for the right volumes and the fabrics. Balenciaga has helped me feel stylish and I have no need to buy bigger sizes as it’s already very oversized. Marcia is sexy and sensual. Helmut Lang and Comme des Garçons. Also Lahssan for the perfect trench—a must this season. Nodaleto–my fiancé’s company– for the comfortable heels, XULY.Bët, and Anna October. Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier, Tom Ford-era Gucci, Dior, Prada, Blumarine, Chanel, and Dolce & Gabbana

Photo: Courtesy of Adrien Toubiana

Photo: Courtesy of Adrien Toubiana

Has your style changed from the first to the third trimester?

I had a belly bump from the first trimester so I found my way very quickly. Now I am in the transition between summer and winter, so I play more with layering, boots, tights, and men’s clothes. I allow myself to wear short dresses, which wasn’t much the case in summer.

How would you describe your style now?

It’s pretty minimalist with some touch of drama through prints, shiny jewelry, or colorful shoes. I mix a lot of vintage pieces with modern ones. All of my looks are meant to be comfortable but I also need to feel sexy and stylish.

Photo: Courtesy of Sebnem Demirel