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How Much Are People Drinking?

“The obsession to drink was removed long ago—until this pandemic.”

“I’ve been sober since September 25, 2009 and am active in a 12-step recovery program. So the obsession to drink or use was removed long ago—until this pandemic hit. I am juggling a lot: working from home, educating my older daughter, and entertaining a toddler simultaneously. A lot of people are in that situation. But feeling overwhelmed is a trigger for me; I’ve thought about drinking more during the last month than my entire sobriety. Normally I’d take some alone time, go to the gym, see friends, or plan a date night to relieve stress, but none of that is an option right now. Another thing that has been surprisingly hard is the level of cultural acceptability there seems to be around excessive drinking. Habits that would be cause for concern in ‘real life’ are being viewed as acceptable, cute, and even funny because of coronavirus. I’m not usually affected by things like the ‘mommy-wine culture,’ so it has been interesting that this has. Perhaps it’s the fact that drinking seems like a solution to the overwhelming stress we’re all feeling and I don’t have that as an option.” —Emily McAllister, 41, San Clemente, CA

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