How To Get Hailey Bieber’s Perfect Slicked-Back Bun

Serving executive realness in a camel coat from her collaboration with Wardrobe.NYC, Hailey Bieber hit Paris in ultra-sleek style this week. Aside from the fact she was showing off the glossiest legs seen this side of summer, the model’s slicked-back bun was the perfect addition to her minimalist ensemble.

A great all-rounder, this hairstyle is the kind of look that works just as well at work as it does on your wedding day. As Bieber proves, it helps to enhance cheekbones and the décolletage area, and goes with just about any outfit. All you need to know is how to master it—because despite what it looks like, it’s not just a case of scrape-up-and-go.

Photo: Getty Images

Jen Atkin, who is Bieber’s go-to hairstylist, previously told Vogue that to create the ultimate slick up-do, it’s all about a combination of good product and the right brush. After washing, start by applying your formula to damp hair. “If you have medium to thick hair, take a dab of treatment mask or conditioner, rub it in your hands, and then start applying from mid-lengths to ends,” she advises.

“Then, a trick I learned in my runway days is to use a barber’s brush—which is what guys use to comb their beard—to comb through hair and get it up into a bun,” Atkin goes on. Preferable to a normal brush, the barber’s iteration essentially helps achieve a flat, seamless finish, like Hailey’s. Slick, shiny, and oh-so-chic—do try this at home.