How to Make Your Trip Easier

First, decide how long you want to stay out. Choose a day that is later than you think, so you can return at the daytime end. Choose a location that is off the beaten path, so you don’t miss the tourist spots. Find a place to hike. Don’t choose a place too popular or risky. Go to a place where you can get help if you get lost. Don’t camp too far away from the main tourist spots or camping areas. Map out your route. Have a back-up plan in the case of an emergency.

Here are some tips to help you carry the right foods for your trip. Your regular menu will adapt to the trip as you decide what to bring and what to cook on your own. Keep your meals simple and conserve your food while you are camping. Be careful what you put in your food container, because you do not want to attract predatory animals. Do not cook near your sleeping bag, because the temperature will drop and this could cause hypothermia. Trail mix is a great source of quick energy on a trip, as well as a great source of salty fruits.

containers to keep your gear organized and waterproof. Bring a small to medium size multi-tool. These tools can be used for fishing, cutting fire wood, and fixing broken equipment. You may want to bring a pocket knife with you.

o Backpacking? If you are going to be walking on rough terrain, a small to medium size compass is a great piece of equipment. You can only carry one or two compasses with you at a time, so try to keep them small and simple. Look for a small map and compass in the market, especially if you are new to hiking or to backpacking.

o Bring the correct amount of water per person if you are going to be away from a reliable source of water. If you falling ill, you may need to hike with a water bottle for a long time. Water bottles should be available in the camping supply section of the supermarket.

o Bring a whistle. It is a great little tool that can be used to warn people of dangerous situations or to draw attention to your route. You might want to bring a lighter and a whistle. You can blow a whistle to warn any kind of danger or ask a friend to blow a whistle to let you know that you’re walking in the right direction.

o Always bring enough food for the trip. If you’re bound to be away from a reliable source of food, you will need to bring yourself some food. Snack type foods such as nuts, trail mix, candies, and cookies can be helpful while you’re out in the wilderness.

o Be sure to pack a medical backpack. Calamine lotion packs are lightweight and can be helpful to relieve strain or minor injuries. You may also want to bring an eye patch and adhesive bandages. You will never know when someone will need these things.

o Bring enough water for your possible whereabouts for the entire trip.

o It’s important to drink enough water, so bring a water bottle.

o To save energy and move faster while you’re hiking, wear a backpack. You can’t help but carry a few extra pounds if you wear an extra large backpack while you’re hiking.

o Don’t eat chocolate while you’re hiking. It will make you feel all sorts of uncomfortable. Instead, bring along some trail mix and energy bars. Nothing will give you more energy than walking on a trail and eating a few treats.

o You can’t help but notice how many bathrooms there are along the way. Some people will go for days without a bathroom. If you need to go to the bathroom, bring along a camping or backpacking toilet.

This may not seem like a lot of information, but you can use this information to customize your own information for your trip. How long do you plan to stay in the bathroom? What colors and designs do you like best? How many do you need for a particular trip? How often do you plan to use the bathroom? Where will you be using the bathroom? Where will you be located? What will the weather be like? When you’re packing, can you think of any items that you need that will be used when you’re traveling? and that will not overload the vehicle?

Packing will make your trip easier and more enjoyable. Have a seatbelt items, water and food ready and don’t leave it all behind. Take just throw everything in the car. start packing a day pack.