How to Pack for Italy: A Guide on Exactly What to Wear

I normally always travel with a carry-on, but with all the recent reports of checked bags being lost and the chaos of summer travel hitting every airport, I’ve doubled down on my position. I’m not taking any chances! Or at least I told myself that until I tried to pack for an eight-day vacation to Italy. Let me tell you: It was a process of editing everything down to make sure everything fit in my Away carry-on. You might be thinking there’s no way I was able to pack 21 pieces, but I assure you it’s the truth. Everything was lightweight and thin for the high temperatures, so it all rolled up without taking up much room at all. And I was able to bring five pairs of shoes because most of the sandals were packed flat. No vacuum-seal bags needed here!

Since getting back (sadly all vacations must come to an end), I think I pretty much nailed the packing situation because only one item went unworn. Not to brag, but that might be a record for me. The schedule was Rome for four days (I definitely recommend staying at the W Hotel while you’re there!), Naples for one, and Sorrento for three. If you’re thinking of traveling to Italy or packing for a country with similar weather this time of year, here’s everything that made the cut in my small but mighty suitcase.