How To Style Fuzzy Hats

Since she became a mom earlier this year, it’s been a rare thing to see an Instagram post from Rihanna. Yet this week the singer-turned-businesswoman shared a teaser video for Fenty’s new fragrance (caption: “smell me”). Before you even see her face, the camera pans to her big, fluffy hat that obscures the frame. This isn’t the first time the star has worn one of British milliner and fuzzy hat trailblazer Emma Brewin’s designs. RiRi was sworn into the candy-colored faux fur hat gang long ago (like circa 2016), with the likes of Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and Miley Cyrus following in her fuzzy topper footsteps. And considering that every one of Brewin’s hats is handmade and hand-brushed, who can blame them?