I Went to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour and Spotted These 5 Pretty Trends Everywhere

It’s been almost two months since I attended Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour at MetLife Stadium, and I’m still buzzing over the otherworldly experience. I’ve been to concerts in the past, but nothing has even remotely come close to the whirlwind of emotions that this three-hour show entailed. After all, the tour does recap all 10 of Swift’s studio albums, encapsulating each time period through various sets and costumes, not to mention the music. My heartstrings were tugged at my teenage years being relived, and I almost lost my voice singing along to the 10-minute version of “All Too Well.” But lyrical impact put aside, as a fashion editor, I couldn’t help but notice the importance of the outfits through it all. 

When you first enter the stadium, you’re surrounded by an army of Swifties, all shimmering in sequined dresses, bespoke costumes, and a plethora of handmade friendship bracelets ready to be traded. You could identify each era amongst the crowd, highlighting each attendee’s personal Swift preference through their chosen outfits. I spent weeks scrolling through people’s outfit videos on TikTok, with the popular sound of an AI-generated Swift declaring, “Oh my god, your Eras Tour outfit looks so f*cking good,” repeatedly playing in my head on a loop. However, seeing thousands of people with different looks was a fashion highlight. 

Unlike other concerts, a singular look or theme doesn’t define The Eras Tour. Fans aren’t just pulling inspiration from an outfit based on appearance (or comfort). They’re connecting to the moments of Swift’s life (and discography) they feel most connected to. I opted for a black-sequined look in honor of Reputation (and because I currently need a little rebellious courage in my life). Swift’s performance costumes are created with immense detail and are often changed and updated to reflect new developments. Some might even sneakily feature a few easter eggs for her fans to solve. Her opening look, a custom Versace bodysuit, has already seen a few iterations since her first show. 

My trend-reporting cap is always on, so I noted the common themes I spotted throughout the night. Keep scrolling to see and shop if you’re heading to one of Swift’s upcoming tour dates.