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Jeremy Corbyn’s Downing Street petition gatecrashed by brother Piers | UK | News

In an embarrassment to his brother, Piers said he would be disappointed if Jeremy did take the vaccine “because he might die.”

Jeremy has been vocal about rolling out Covid jabs around the world, but has not disclosed whether he has had a dose.

He told Iain Dale on LBC in June he had taken a vow that “I would not discuss my personal health with anybody” after questions about his health while serving as Labour leader.

Jeremy said: “I have been to my local community centres and our local mosque that was opened for people to get vaccines who haven’t got any appointments because many people…don’t have a GP.

“I’ve supported the campaign to get vaccinations locally and I will continue to do that.”

Mr Dale told the MP he was taking that as confirmation he has had the vaccine, to which Jeremy said: “You’re a very perceptive man.”

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