John Oliver Reignites Feud With Tucker Carlson With Scathing New Insult

Oliver played a clip of the Fox News host engaging in fear-mongering over crime during a segment on bail reform. A guest claimed ― falsely ― that bail reform in New York was behind a rise in crime.

“It seems so clear that it is,” Carlson agreed.

“Wow,” Oliver fired back, then referring the the Fox News host’s constantly-puzzled facial expression: “I’m honestly surprised anything seems clear to a man with resting concussion face. He honestly looks like he’s studying a full-body mirror desperately trying to find his penis.”

Oliver has gone after Carlson plenty over the years, dismissing the right-wing host as a “total fucking moron” for having an on-air meltdown over “Sesame Street” in 2020 and last year calling him a “superspreader” for his anti-vaxxer talking points.

But the crux of Oliver’s show on Sunday night wasn’t Carlson or Fox News. It was a much bigger issue: cash bail.

“Cash bail is arbitrary, destructive and basically criminalizes poverty,” he said, pointing out that the practice keeps poor people in jail for long periods of time without a trial.

See his full segment below, which includes some basic steps that could improve the situation dramatically: