Jordan Peele’s Very Big, Very Stylish Year

Over the last half-decade, we’ve seen Jordan Peele go from knee-slapping sketch comedy to genre-bending filmmaking. Along the way, especially over the last six months, another transformation happened: Peele has quietly morphed into one of the sharpest-dressed guys in Hollywood—and he’s done it all while still looking like himself.

Earlier in his career, you could find Peele on the red carpet in pretty straightforward fare: usually in black suits with skinny black ties, or a black tux with a black bowtie when the occasion called for it. His more casual looks traditionally comprised a flannel worn over a graphic tee, or a denim jacket over a plaid button-up. It was laidback everyman style, down to his simple black-rimmed frames. Today, his casual looks are an elevated version of what he might have worn five years ago. He hasn’t shunned his graphic tee collection—he just wears them with more minimalist shirts and pants. He’ll pair a statement jacket with a plain white tee and simple black trousers, like this one from the purveyors of downtown cool at Bode. And what about his more formal looks, you may ask? Oh, Peele delivers.

Rodin Eckenroth

Just last week, he showed up to an event in Los Angeles wearing a punched-up, wide-wale corduroy suit from Todd Snyder, the double-breasted blazer and relaxed-fit pants done up in an extremely autumnal brown. For the premiere of his latest movie, he donned an eye-grabbing purple suit, a custom-made number from Bode. Peele seems to bounce between these two points throughout the year: more toned-down tailoring like this merlot-shaded suit, to the brighter hues like this sky blue look. Throughout it all, his graying hair and beard have gotten shorter and longer but always look perfectly scruffy. (The colors he wears always seem to complement the silver.) His choice in eyewear is bolder than his glasses of yesteryear, including punchy frames from brands like Andy Wolf and Garrett Leight.