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K-pop’s 4th generation ‘It’ boys light up hope in this futuristic music video

TOMORROW X TOGETHER have dropped their another second studio album, The Chaos Chapter: Freeze. The video is all futuristic and has a very strong message along with the powerful lyrics and performance by the boys.

If you haven’t yet heard about TXT aka TOMORROW X TOGETHER, read as Tomorrow by Together, consists of Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Hueningkai. The boys debuted in the Korean pop music industry in 2019. And are already making a lot of noise. HYBE aka Big Hit Entertainment dropped their next track from their studio album The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE. Talking about the music of Magic, it is a disco-pop genre and the boys have a fantastic job given the fact that it is their first all-English song. The visuals of TXT’s Magic follows how the boys want to save the world and the human race from a world overrun by machines. TXT asks people and their fans to keep their hopes up and make the most of their lives. Eventually, the boys overcome and destruct all the machines thus saving the human race.

Magic is penned by Olly Murs, Sarah Blanchard, Richard Boardman, Pablo Bowman, Anders Froen and Aaron Hibell.

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