Kate Beckinsale Slips Into Pink Bikini & Channels Cher In ‘Mermaids’ – Footwear News

Kate Beckinsale switched shoes for a mermaid tail and served major Cher energy. 

Beckinsale posted a video reel to Instagram of her and her and Gabs Morpeth performing a synchronized dance, throwing their hands up in the air while showing off their mermaid tails and lounging on outdoor chaise chairs. The British actress wore a pink and blue colored mermaid tail with a matching pink swimsuit bandeau top. 

The video reel was set to Cher’s “The Shoop Shoop Song,” which was part of the “Mermaids” soundtrack. The classic film from the 1990s starred Cher, Christina Ricci, and Winona Ryder. 

Although Beckinsale was in mermaid’s tail this time, the actress is often seen in different types of footwear, especially in 6-inch stilettos.  She also seems to stretch and push the envelope when it comes to what should be considered regular and everyday poolside beach wear. Beckinsale is known for adding a campy twist to her swimwear looks with a veiled headband.

TORONTO, ONTARIO - SEPTEMBER 14: Kate Beckinsale attends the "Prisoner's Daughter" Premiere during the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival at Roy Thomson Hall on September 14, 2022 in Toronto, Ontario. (Photo by Sonia Recchia/Getty Images)

Kate Beckinsale attends the “Prisoner’s Daughter” Premiere during the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival at Roy Thomson Hall on Sept. 14, 2022 in Toronto, Ontario.

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Or even effortlessly wearing 7-inch heels to lounge by the pool and enjoy the weather. She loves to have a designer moment sporting brands like pumps and sandals from Christian Louboutin, Valentino, and Jimmy Choo. The model also loves to accessorize with jewelry. Whether she’s on the red carpet or sitting poolside, Beckinsale will always be sporting at least one glistening piece. Beckinsale makes wearing high-platform shoes seem simple and easy, no matter the occasion and the same can be said for how she wears a mermaid tail.

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