Kate Moss Revisits That Major ’90s Dress Moment

Visual proof Kate Moss is currently having the time of her life came at a Diet Coke anniversary party in London last night. The fizzy drink brand might have turned 40, with Fat Tony spinning the decks and a tiered birthday cake to prove it, but all eyes were on Moss.

Why? Two words. That. Dress. Wearing what can best be described as a sparkly sheer sheath with a waterfall neckline, Moss and her visible knickers called to mind that legendary fashion moment in 1993, when she unwittingly sparked the sheer slip dress trend at an Elite Models party.

Three decades on, the “naked dress” has enjoyed something of a blockbuster resurgence at the hands of Gen-Z fashion plates enjoying a newfound sense of freedom after a couple of years in track pants. 

Kate in 1993

Dave Benett/Getty Images

Moss, who took on a creative director role at the pop company in the spring, seems to be reclaiming her title as the original gossamer influencer. Last night’s whisper of a dress followed a major Saint Laurent moment at the WSJ Innovator Awards, which saw Kate present Anthony Vaccarello with the Fashion Innovator prize while modeling a diaphanous lime-green gown complete with a Grace Jones-esque hood. The Vogue verdict? Total goddess!

The body-positive approach to fashion chimes with Kate’s latest chapter as a wellness entrepreneur, one who is prioritizing Cosmoss, her spirituality-led beauty line, and the Kate Moss Agency, a modeling platform that nurtures its rising talent, rather than treating them like parts in a factory. Whether it’s the mood-boosting tea she’s drinking at dawn and dusk or the special incense scenting Casa Kate, business mode looks good on Moss.

But for all her lit-from-within glow, there’s still a party girl inside. Last night while dancing in the DJ booth, Moss called to mind the carefree London girl who rose to fame in the ’90s. Less buttoned-up than we have perhaps seen her in the past, Kate seems to be embracing each paparazzi flash and having fun with it. Cheers to that.