Kate Winslet on Why Your 40s Are Your Sexiest, Most Powerful Decade

Last year, she also spoke to Vogue about aging in Hollywood. “I do want to say to any woman who is trying to emulate a Hollywood look: it’s a myth. It’s honestly a myth,” she said. “For me, the secret to aging at any age, in Hollywood or not, is actually accepting who you are and accepting that we can’t fight change.” Beauty, she reminded us, comes from within.

Kate walks the walk, too. Who could forget the Oscar winner’s admirably vanity-free (and critically-acclaimed) performance as Mare Sheehan in Mare of Easttown? Winslet seemed to revel in adopting her character’s grown-out roots, dowdy wardrobe, and perma-frown—and became an unlikely lockdown style icon in the process. 

In an ideal world, every woman would have the 47-year-old Winslet on speed dial for a handy empowering pep talk or just a good dose of common sense every now and again. After all, aging is a beautiful thing—especially, as they say, when you consider the alternatives. “Let’s go girls, and let’s be in our power,” she says. “Why not? Life is too flipping short.”