Katie Holmes Shares Her Winter Style Secrets

If you’re ever looking to stargaze in Manhattan, the Michael Kors show during New York Fashion Week is a safe bet. You’re pretty much guaranteed to see a celebrity or two among the A-list crowd. The designer’s fall 2023 presentation earlier today was no exception. Actors such as Katie Holmes, Kate Hudson, and West Side Story’s Rachel Zegler sat in the front row to take in Kors’s chic assortment of winter coats, suits, and sequined gowns. It was as much a red carpet event as it was a fashion show. 

While there were plenty of stars to mix and mingle with at the show, it was Holmes—a well-noted stylish New Yorker and regular fashion week attendee—that Vogue was interested in catching up with. The star looked chic in a black blazer and flared zebra-print trousers. Backstage, away from the crowd and chaos, we caught five minutes with the actor to discuss what she’s been wearing this season, her winter fashion styling tips, and her upcoming acting projects. (Her new off-Broadway play opens tomorrow—and did you know she’s also directed a film this year?). Read on for more. 

Vogue: How does it feel to be here again at New York Fashion Week?

Katie Holmes: It’s so exciting! It’s always great to see the city come alive with artists. 

We’re here at Michael Kors. What do you admire about his designs?

It’s always a very big show, and it’s fun to catch up with people that I haven’t seen in a while.  I love his designs—they’re always classic, elegant, and beautiful. 

We’re looking at his fall collection today. I’m curious what your approach to winter dressing has been this season.

Layering. And great coats. Michael does really wonderful coats.

Is there an art to layering, do you think? What’s your secret to pulling it off?

The art of layering in New York is, you want to start with a thin layer. Then add another thin layer. Then a chunky sweater. Then a coat—because you don’t know where your day is going to take you. And you want to cinch the waist, so you don’t look like you’re wearing a sleeping bag.