Kendall Jenner Is A Cucumber For Halloween, Pokes Fun At Viral Video

Cool as a cucumber.

Kendall Jenner poked fun at herself by dressing up as a cucumber for Halloween — months after she went viral for not knowing how to slice the fruit.

The model, 26, donned a full sliced cucumber costume, dark green leggings and stiletto boots in a photo shared on her Instagram Monday.

“I’m giving out fruits and veggies tonight,” the “Kardashians” star captioned the snap, where she also held a knife.

The model — who completed the bit by holding a knife — also posted a video of the funny ensemble to Tik Tok set to an audio about “slutty” costumes from the movie “Mean Girls.”

Although Jenner turned off her comments on the video-sharing app, fans flocked to other social media platforms to commend her for continuing the joke.

Kendall Jenner dressed up as a cucumber for Halloween.
Kendall Jenner dressed up as a cucumber for Halloween.

“THIS IS TOO ICONIC😭,” one of her 262 million Instagram followers commented.

“Only 3 things are guaranteed in life, death, taxes, and kendall delivering on halloween 😂❤️,” another person added.

Another joked, “did the chef cut that for you? Or did you figure out how to use that knife?”

Kendall Jenner trying to cut a cucumber.
An award video of the 818 Tequila founder struggling to make a snack went viral earlier this year.

In May, the 818 Tequila founder faced backlash after an episode of the “Kardashians” for not knowing how to cut a cucumber.

Although Jenner’s family claimed she was “not happy” about the online criticism, the model was able to make fun of the situation on social media in the days following, calling it “tragic.”

Jenner has also seemingly been working on her cooking skills in the time being, as she posted a photo of the fruit and a knife on a cutting board, which captioned, “here we go again.”


The 26-year-old added a knife to the costume.


new balance

The 26-year-old added a knife to the costume.

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Before putting on the big green suit, Jenner celebrated the spooky season with a much sexier costume.

The model dressed up as a sultry version of Jessie from “Toy Story” over the weekend — complete with butt-baring, cow-printed chaps and denim underwear.

Kendall Jenner Halloween
Jenner swapped Jessie’s jeans for denim briefs.

However, some of her fans called out the model for “sexualizing” their favorite childhood TV show character.

“It’s a kids movie WHY?!?” one person asked, while another added, “This is a lot for my childhood memories to process.”

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