Kim Kardashian Switches Up Balenciaga’s Helmet Trend

Photo: Courtesy of Splash News

Kim Kardashian show no signs of stopping her moto-themed Balenciaga streak. Today in New York City, the social media star stepped out in a black Balenciaga turtleneck dress—a modest choice for the Skims founder. She topped the all-black look off with a pair of oversized shades and a peculiar bag: a motorcycle helmet carryall also created by the French house. Fans of the brand will note that this is not a recent piece by Balenciaga, but instead comes from the spring 2018 collection.

This isn’t the only biker-inspired accessory that Kardashian has worn. In July, she sported a helmet to the fall 2022 Balenciaga haute couture dinner, fresh from the runway. (It also appeared on every model in the lookbook). The Alien-esque headpiece was created in collaboration with Mercedes-AMG F1 Applied Science and retails for $6,000. 

As for this helmet bag, it is far less severe than the extreme headwear she wore this past summer. Instead, it adds just the right amount of outré appeal to Kardashian’s pared-back ensemble.