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Kim Petras celebrated her birthday with friends and had herself an epic photoshoot on Instagram. The slideshow of images posted today see the pop star and her friends gathered around a table, the singer eating cake with her hands celebrity style, wearing oversized streetwear and a stylish Y2K-inspired ensemble.

Starting off her birthday right, the “Future Stars Now” songstress wore a large black, white, and purple Vetements tee reading the phrase, “Call Me Vetements Or Angel.” Changing things up in the next few slides, the German songwriter wore a black suit jacket which she paired with a white button up and black tie combo. The chic styling wasn’t complete without shiny silver jewelry which Petras wore in excess on her fingers and thin black sunglasses and, even on occasion, a monocle.

Women’s suits are tailored two-piece designs made specifically for a woman’s form. Women’s suits often feature a skirt or fitted pants with a matching blazer. The style emerged in the early 1900s during the Suffragette Movement, but didn’t hit peak popularity until the 1980s as more women entered the workforce.

While the outspoken LGBTQ+ advocate’s shoes weren’t featured in the slideshow, Petras gravitates twoards a few specific styles. When she’s gearing up for a performance, you can usually find the “Coconuts” songstress in sleek black knee-high boots with block or stiletto heels from stand-out brands like Balenciaga. When off stage, Petras can be found in chunky “dad” sneakers or whimsical colorful strappy heels.

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Petras is known for being one of our generation’s Princesses of Pop, both in terms of her musical style and her fashion aesthetic. Petras’ can usually be found wearing the most up-to-date 2000s-inspired fashions and eye-catching accessories. Her outfits, on stage and on the red-carpet, often feature pop-culture or pop-art references including anime, movies and more.

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