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Kylie Jenner second baby updates


Some fans believe 65-year-old gave an over-the-top performance as she learned after her youngest daughter’s pregnancy.

The little family later surprised Kris with the exciting news by handing over a photo of the ultrasound.

However, some accused Kris of faking her reaction.

While one person accused her of “fake crying,” others noted that the family’s reality show is “scripted.”

Some fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Kris’ reaction, as one person wrote: “Kris acting surprised when she ‘found out’ Kylie is pregnant again like she didn’t plan that all along.”

Another added: “Kris Jenner acting surprised about the second Kylie baby as if she didn’t plan the whole thing…”

Alongside a gif of Zendaya presenting at the Oscars, a third person chimed in: “Kris acting surprised Kylie pregnant again.”

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