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Logan Ryan has plans for Tom Brady’s final Patriots ball

As Tom Brady prepares to throw his first pass against the Patriots, one wonders what happened to the ball from his last pass with the dynasty?

It’s a funny story – and particularly relevant as Brady leads the Buccaneers against Bill Belichick’s Patriots in Foxborough, Mass. on Sunday in the most-anticipated NFL regular-season game in years.

Giants safety Logan Ryan – one of Brady’s former teammates, playing for the Titans in the 2019 AFC wild card playoffs – intercepted Brady’s final pass with the Patriots and returned it for a touchdown to seal a 20-13 upset win.

“The ball was just laying around my house,” Ryan said. “My kids were kicking the ball around. When I saw some of Tom’s autographed cards starting to go for like $1 million, I put the ball up on a shelf.

“I actually spoke with Tom this offseason and when the time is right … I want to auction the ball off for the proceeds for my charity if we can get behind it, [or] to split our charities.”

Logan Ryan celebrates an interception against Tom Brady and the Patriots in a 2020 wild-card game.
Logan Ryan celebrates an interception against Tom Brady and the Patriots in a 2020 wild-card game.
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Ryan won two Super Bowls in four seasons with the Patriots before moving on to the Titans for three seasons and joining the Giants last season. He and his wife, Ashley, founded the Ryan Animal Rescue Foundation, and Brady started the TB12 Foundation.

“I don’t know who is going to want that [ball],” Ryan said. “I don’t know if a Patriots fan wants his last ball ever thrown — it’s an interception. I don’t know if Titans fans are really going to pay. Tom might want it back.”

Tom Brady during the Patriots' wild-card loss to the Titans on Jan. 4, 2020.
Tom Brady during the Patriots’ wild-card loss to the Titans on Jan. 4, 2020.
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Ryan, a big football fan and historian, is looking forward to the “Sunday Night Football” broadcast after the Giants visit the Saints. It is billed as Belichick versus Brady as much as Patriots versus Buccaneers.

“I can’t say they will treat it as business as usual, but they will do everything they can to win,” Ryan said. “A maniacal amount of film-watching. I’m sure they are spending more time watching film than sleeping. It’s going to be a game [between] two geniuses. If you are a fan, it’s a good game to watch to see the strategic part of the game.”

Ryan appreciates his place as a footnote in the story.

“It might go down in his Hall of Fame [plaque], maybe I’ll get a little asterisk for the last ball,” Ryan said. “Or maybe it’s a ‘Jeopardy!’ question one day. That would be pretty fun.”

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