Lola Tung’s Berry-Hued Makeup Look

Lola Tung’s breakout role taught her a thing or two about breakouts. “I started learning how to take care of my skin correctly, probably while I was filming Season 1 of The Summer I Turned Pretty,” laughs the 20-year-old actor, who’s played Isabel “Belly” Conklin in the Amazon Prime series since 2022.

Tung has been taking disciplined care of her skin ever since, arming her beauty bag with clean products that have calmed and soothed her complexion. “I had a very different skin-care routine a year ago,” she admits. “I look at photos from that time in my life, and my skin was pretty unpredictable. I feel like I haven’t gotten any crazy breakouts in a while.” Here, the Asian-American beauty reveals the products that underpin her skin-care routine and go-to summer makeup look. It starts with Herbivore’s Pink Cloud moisturizer and ends with a lip that looks bright and berry-stained.

Speaking of the natural world, “I have tried to curate a skin-care routine and makeup routine that’s entirely cruelty-free,” Tung says, smoothing on Westman Atelier’s Skin Activator Serum to prime her skin for makeup. “There are a lot of brands now that have moved in that direction, and it’s always been something that’s important to me.”

Tung’s environmental learnings align with her new partnership. “I’ve been working with Coach a little bit recently, which is unreal,” she says. “They’re so cool, and with this branch Coachtopia, their commitment to sustainable fashion is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.” (Tung is a face of the sub-brand, which focuses on leather goods and ready-to-wear designed for circularity.)

Ilia’s Lip Wrap Reviving Balm gives the actor a cooling slick of hydration before she goes in for that bold lip. “I feel like it makes the [lipstick] application a lot easier,” she says. But first, she spritzes on Herbivore’s Rose Hibiscus Face Mist for a vibey veil of hydration.

While Live Tinted Rays Copper Eye Masks give her a “self-care moment,” Tung uses Urban Decay’s liner to draw a tiny, smudged wing over each eye. “I grew up in New York City, born and raised,” she says, gently patting on Cocokind’s Revitalizing Eye Cream. “Growing up here has definitely influenced my style and my makeup. Being part of the arts community here has influenced that, too.”