Margot Robbie Wears Winter’s Chicest Nail Color

We all love a dark nail color in winter—as the temperatures drop, our appetite for vampy hues rises. And while many are bucking the trend this year—see Selena Gomez’s skittle nails for just one example—Margot Robbie just stepped out wearing this season’s most popular nail color.

Margot Robbie shows off a chocolate-brown manicure. 


At the SFFILM Awards in San Francisco this week, Robbie complemented her all-black ensemble with a glossy chocolate-brown manicure. Her nails, kept short and square in shape, were painted the rich color and then finished with an ultra-shiny top coat for a luxe finish.

Offering an excellent alternative to the traditional burgundy, maroon, deep berry, and forest greens we have come to expect in the colder months, the chocolate-brown manicure is all the rage this year, according to manicurist Julia Diogo, who has been using Bio Sculpture’s Sunset Boulevard on a lot of her clients. 

Another big fan of the shade is Jennifer Lopez. Her manicurist, Tom Bachik, recently posted a photo of a glitzy chocolate-brown pedicure look he had created for the singer. With a sprinkling of Swarovski crystals on her big toe, it was the perfect way to nod to the holiday season.

If you’re trying it yourself at home, use one of Vogue’s favorite brown shades.

nails 0712 03

Dior Vernis – 825 Unapologetic

nails 0712 02

Nails inc. Plant Power Nail Polish

nails 0712 04

Manucurist Nail Polish – Clove

nails 0712 01

Mavala Eclectic Collection Extra Long Wear Nail Colour – 270 Firenze