Max Greenfield shares hilarious final texts with Leslie Jordan

The late Leslie Jordan is continuing to make people laugh after his death.

Days after Jordan died in a tragic car crash, Max Greenfield is sharing his last messages with his former co-star.

The late comedian arrived at Greenfield’s “This Book Is Not a Present” book signing last week, but was turned away because the event was sold out. 

“He texted me, and he was like, ‘I tried to get in. I saw that you was so famous they wouldn’t let me in. And they turned my little ass away,’” “The Neighborhood” actor told E! News.

After throwing light-hearted shade at Greenfield, Jordan texted, “But congratulations. I couldn’t stay. I had to go anyway because I have important things to do.”

Unfortunately, the 43-year-old actor did not see the messages in time to let his friend into the Barnes and Noble event. Jordan died two days later. 

Leslie Jordan
Leslie Jordan met Greenfield on the set of “Will & Grace.”
Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency

The actor ended the conversation with encouraging words to Greenfield, saying, “They won’t let me near you, superstar. That’s what you are. Congratulations. I got to run or I would stalk you.”

The pair’s friendship started in 2017 when they worked together on “Will & Grace,” and the relationship continued to flourish. 

Greenfield said the 67-year-old had “a one-of-a-kind personality,” making everyone laugh, especially through his online videos. “Oh, I could watch these forever,” he said.

The actor believes Jordan’s videos will remind everyone of the joy his dear friend inspired.

“The world really got to see that and accept it and experience it,” Greenfield said, “and he got to experience it and really embrace all of that love.”