Meet the Standout Creators From the #VogueBeautyHalloween 2022 Challenge

If Halloween felt particularly long this year it’s because it was. The fact that October 31st fell on a Monday meant that many festivities got underway on Friday night, and in some cases as early as Thursday…at the convenient hour of 3:30 (shout out to my son’s preschool!) But for most revelers—our third annual #VogueBeautyHalloween challenge participants among them—the extended holiday just meant more opportunities to show up in your spookiest, scariest, and campiest best.

And show up you did! There was Anthony Nguyen’s, Cindy Crawford’s makeup artist, epic Avatar Reels, replete with colored contacts; TikTok superstar Cindy Chen’s abstract riff on jack-o’-lantern orange and black; the best Goth tribute we’ve seen since the ’90s; fun with glue sticks; a third eye; and a very convincing punk Marie Antoinette. Even our very own senior beauty editor, Lauren Valenti, got in on the action with a custom Poison Ivy wig designed by her longtime hairstylist, Mischa G., that would have made Uma Thurman herself proud. And just when we were ready to give the proverbial crown to the king himself, Chris Appleton—the legendary hairstylist who has long attended to both Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez’s manes, and who absolutely devoured as Elvis Presley—we saw his daughter, Kitty-Blu’s spot-on Pamela Anderson-in-Barbed Wire costume and were positively gagged, as the kids say.

Here, more of our favorite #VogueBeautyHalloween challenge winners to inspire next year’s costume or for continued inspiration should you want to keep 2022’s endless spooky season alive—or undead, as it were. Halloween is a state of mind after all.

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