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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s ‘global empire’ plan hits brick wall after trademark row | Royal | News

Royal commentator Richard Eden claimed that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have begun having trouble with their push to trademark the Archewell brand. While speaking on Palace Confidential with host Jo Elvin, Mr Eden said that Meghan and Harry were told their trademark claim lacked enough detail and information. He added that the pair were told they had six months to rectify this issue otherwise their claims would be dismissed.

Ms Elvin said: “Richard, you had a story about an application for a trademark for their family brand hitting a snag, what can you tell us?”

Mr Eden replied: “This is quite fun really, Harry and Meghan clearly have this kind of global empire that they are pursuing.

“They are busy trademarking in every dominion, it doesn’t matter if it is in the Philippians, India or America.

“They are trying to trademark the names Archewell which is their non-profit organisation.

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“We are still learning more and more what this will involve but also Archewell audio which seems to be for their podcast.

“Then they have Archewell foundation, all these different names.”

The Royal expert went into more detail about what difficulties Meghan and Harry have had trying to secure these trademarks.

He said: “What happened was they ran into trouble in America where the authorities said your application is just poorly done.

“They needed more information, more detail and Harry and Meghan were told to come back when you can basically have a better application.

“They have got six months to do so and if they don’t it will be thrown out.

“I’m sure it is just a question of getting their lawyers in order.”


The host then joked by claiming that Prince Harry may have done the paperwork for the trademark claim.

With Mr Eden adding Meghan Markle would have washed her hands of the task and relegated it to the Duke.

He closed by saying: “I am sure it is just a bureaucratic thing and they will get there eventually.

“But it is a very good reflection of their global ambitious I think.”

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