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Menopause is forcing women to take time off or even quit their jobs | UK | News

A survey found 99 percent felt their symptoms had negatively affected their careers.

Some 59 percent had taken time off work, with 18 percent off more than eight weeks.

Reasons included reduced efficiency (45 percent), poor quality of work (26 percent) and poor concentration (seven percent).

Half of those who took at least eight weeks off work resigned or took early retirement.

Some 60 percent of 3,800 quizzed said work offered no support.

The poll was organised by menopause medic Dr Louise Newson, who runs Newson Health Research And Education.

Dr Newson urged workplace help and better information.

She said: “The average age of the menopause in the UK is 51, at precisely the point where many women are at the peak of their careers.”

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