Mets likely need to reach $200 million to keep Pete Alonso

Though the Mets’ first efforts to keep Pete Alonso long term didn’t work, and reports persist suggesting the Mets are likely to trade Alonso, that is far from a fait accompli. If they do deal him, that’d be a signal they aren’t serious about 2024. 

One Mets watcher says: “I would be extremely surprised if [owner Steve Cohen] lets him go.” 

Pete Alonso
Pete Alonso is set to be a free agent after the 2024 season.
Charles Wenzelberg/NY Post

To keep Alonso, a free agent after ’24, experts estimate they will need to go to $200 million — $175M for five was suggested here last week. But as one expert said, “Where are they going to find what he brings?” 

There were trade talks at the deadline, and may be again. The Brewers are one team that’s been linked. But Alonso recalled Wilmer Flores was once almost traded to the Brewers, and he considers rumors “noise” until something happens. 

Alonso realizes it’s out of his control but told The Post this week: “I love it here. It’s phenomenal playing here. It’s a great city. This is all I know. It’s been an absolute pleasure. It’s been awesome. It’s been great representing the city.” 

Pete Alonso
Pete Alonso would be difficult for the Mets if they trade or let him go.
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And for the record, the absurd idea Alonso isn’t good in the clubhouse is a bunch of bunk.