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Mike LaFleur ‘challenged’ himself, takes blame for Jets offense

Mike LaFleur pointed the finger at himself, accepting blame for the Jets’ impotent offense through three games.

The team’s new offensive coordinator used the “E” word — execution — as the reason for Gang Green’s inability to get in the end zone the last two weeks, but said that’s a product of ineffective coaching, rather than the players not carrying out plans properly.

“We didn’t execute very well, which was disappointing because I look at that as coaching,” he said. “When guys aren’t executing, you got to figure out what is going wrong. What are the players not hearing that is not allowing the execution. I challenged the coaches, I challenged myself, ‘how can we make it easier? How can you say it in a way that these guys can understand it better?’ You can’t win in this league until you execute.”

LaFleur didn’t directly address whether the players are being put in the proper positions to succeed when asked, but he didn’t try to sidestep accountability, either. He faulted himself for only calling 13 rushing plays in Sunday’s ugly loss to the Broncos.

“That’s on me,” he said.

Jets offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur
Bill Kostroun

A lot has gone wrong offensively for the Jets so far. They are averaging a feeble 6.7 points per game average through three games and rookie quarterback Zach Wilson has already thrown seven interceptions. They have managed six points the last two weeks.

“It starts with me and the rest of the coaches,” LaFleur said. “We’re not getting it done.”

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