Mila Kunis Perfectly Responded To Being Booed On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Actor Mila Kunis is promoting her latest film Luckiest Girl Alive which is premiering on Netflix this month. As part of her tour, she stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live for an interview and the audience was surprisingly hostile to what she had to say. Her opinions were not about politics, she didn’t tell any stories about committing crimes, and yet she somehow managed to court so much controversy that she was almost booed out of the studio.

The segment began with Kunis sharing a story about having to wear children’s leggings cut into underwear because she somehow forgot her own panties. This led Kimmel to say, “You seem like you could be a New Yorker, but you’re not a New Yorker.”

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Mila Kunis on Forgetting Her Undergarments, Hating Pizza & Jimmy Gives Her the Prom She Never Had

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Not being a New Yorker is apparently a serious offense, because someone in the audience started to boo. Kunis kept it moving and explained that she is in fact from the Ukraine, which is something she talks about often. She then described coming to the United States and eventually visiting Queens in New York and trying her first Coca-Cola and then enjoying her first burger.

Kimmel followed up by asking, “Did you have pizza for the first time in New York?

When she admitted, “No, I did not have pizza in New York, but my dad delivered pizzas growing up, but in LA. LA has perfectly fine pizzas, guys!” it led to even more booing. If New Yorkers are mad you are not from New York, they’re definitely going to be mad about anyone praising Los Angeles pizza.

To quiet the booers, Kunis quipped, “You know what?! I’m wearing children’s underwear for you.”

She continued, “There’s more to this story — just to get another boo…It was Domino’s Pizza.”

More boos, obviously. At this point, Kunis clearly knew she would never win the audience over and declared that she hates pizza. Might as well be honest.