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Mother forced to interrupt eulogy when fiancé lists ‘shortcomings’ | World | News

A young woman, who worked as a court clerk, died when she was just 23-years-old last October after being hit by a car. Prior to her passing, she was engaged to a 68-year-old magistrate, who left the woman’s mother stunned when he listed her “shortcomings” in a speech at her funeral.

According to Daily Mail Australia, he began by praising his late partner’s “zest for life” and said she was “externally as attractive as a woman could possibly be”.

However, things took a turn when the man, who is 45 years older than she was, reportedly began detailing her battle with depression – claiming that it intensified her flaws.

Speaking in front of her friends and family, the fiancé said it was “the saddest time in his life” as he discussed the recently departed woman.

He reportedly revealed very private information about the woman, including that she was on medication for chemical imbalances in her brain.

The partner even alleged that her mental health issues had worsened the “shortcomings” she already had – causing her mother to finally snap.

Interrupting the eulogy, she said: “I think that’s enough.”

Following this, the man immediately sat back down – though this was not the only source of tension between the two.

He reportedly fought for and received just under the equivalent of £100,000 in a super life insurance payout from his partner’s death.

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“And you’ve got a grieving mother with very little. I don’t know what to say. I don’t think it’s the right thing. It’s horrendous to see. It just keeps going.

“I know her mother very well and she’s a grieving mother. I’ve maintained a close relationship with the mother and brother since.”

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