Nearly Every Vogue Editor Wore This One Fall Essential During New York Fashion Week

Here at Vogue, we often find ourselves debating many sartorial scenarios—like high heels versus flats, or baggy versus skinny jeans. And while we often don’t always agree, this past fashion week, there seemed to be one wardrobe hero that every editor got behind. That, my friends, is the menswear-inspired vest.

Yes, I’m referring to the sleeveless waistcoat that typically anchors a men’s three-piece suit. The layering piece dates back to the 17th century and was often worn by noblemen with elaborate embroidery. Fast forward to 2022 and you’ll see that we’ve moved beyond simply borrowing it from the boys. The vest is fall’s undeniable breakout star.

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Don’t call it a trend, though. The sleeveless waistcoat has become a modern staple in our wardrobes, which was proven by the numerous editors and influencers who wore the must-have item during New York Fashion Week. The girls are reimagining the button-up piece, often wearing them sans blazer or any shirt at all. The best part about the sleeveless vest? There are so many ways to wear it. You can use the hero item to elevate a laid-back pair of jeans or add a cool-girl twist to tailored trousers.

Ahead, discover how a few Vogue editors styled their vests during New York Fashion Week. And shop our favorite vests ahead.

Lisa Aiken, executive fashion director

Photographed by Lisa Aiken