No Joke, Underwear-as-Pants Is Taking Over Hollywood RN

Celebrities are notorious for taking risks with fashion. Events such as the Met Gala or the VMAs offer the perfect excuse to test-drive an adventurous look, but lately, I’ve been noticing celebrities wearing one particularly daring trend with no red carpet in sight. Yep, I’m talking about the underwear-as-pants look. Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Tessa Thompson, and Bella Hadid have all experimented with the trend and generated plenty of headlines while doing so. 

All four women have taken different approaches to styling the trend. Tessa Thompson, for instance, wore an oversize Loewe sweater with a trench coat, while Bella Hadid went casual in underwear and Ugg boots. Meanwhile, the sisters Jenner both added tights to their underwear-as-outerwear looks, with Kendall also opting for a gray wool coat. Scroll down to see how celebrities are wearing the controversial look.