Noah Schnapp Talks Style, School and Just a Hint of “Stranger Things’”Final Season

Inevitably, this brings us to Stranger Things Season 4’s most infamous internet takeaway: The highly substitutable meme of Will looking away from his friend Mike, crying into a car window. It is everywhere. Even if you don’t know Stranger Things, you’ve seen it if you’re online. 

“I was just speaking with our director about this. I can’t understand why it became so viral. He said, ‘I think it’s because it perfectly represents the feeling of suffering in silence. Of a quiet pain.’ I think a lot of people can relate to that.”

Schnapp is largely mum on Stranger Things spoilers–including the true reason for Will’s angst. But, he does say, “2023 is the year of Stranger Things for me. We’re filming the final season. There’s a lot in store for Will. It ties back to where it begins, full circle. I’m excited for fans to see where we wrap his character. I think they’ll be really pleased…but also shocked.” He adds that he thinks a majority of filming will be in Atlanta, which is where Netflix shoots the show’s Hawkins, Indiana scenes—ie., Stranger Things is bringing it home. 

Right now, Schnapp is juggling acting and education. He’s currently enrolled at University of Pennsylvania, taking classes IRL until, he suspects, Stranger Things needs him on set, when he’s hoping to switch to virtual schooling. He’s been loving the college experience–and is even taking a class on Italian cuisine. “I’m learning about pizza and pasta,” he says, laughing audibly. Overall, he says, “I’m lucky. Everyone at Penn has been kind and welcoming. I’m just lucky.” (He’s also a fan of the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia at Comcast Center, which, this author can agree, is really, almost surprisingly, amazing.)

We turn back to style before he has to get ready for the awards. What else defines his look? “Shoes are important to me. They make the outfit. I have a million shoes. And I’m not just a sneakerhead.” Then, he’ll conclude, “as for day-to-day wear, if something has an Off-White stamp on it, I love it.”