On the Podcast: Jacquemus in Paris and Chelsea Manning in Brooklyn


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I know the big 12/8 drop everyone is talking about this week is episode four of The Run-Through, but the other big drop of the day is Harry & Meghan the blockbuster streaming event of the holiday season (sorry Falling for Christmas). Ever since the trailer dropped early this week the internet has been aflame about the artists formerly known as The Sussexes. Chioma and I discuss the on-going post-royal drama and whether the world is ready to move on, even if they don’t seem to be. 

We also talk about White Lotus, the internet’s other obsession, as we approach the show’s finale and murder theories abound. Our first interview is actually a field trip to the Avenue Montaigne to the new Jacquemus store for an interview with the designer wunderkind Simon Porte Jacquemus, who is showing his latest collection next week in Paris. We chat with the designer about his in hometown wedding in the South of France, his next career steps and his legendary holiday parties featuring rosemary cocktails.