Pakistan v England: second Test, day one – live | Pakistan v England 2022

Key events

We go again; Jimmy is stretching.

As Tanya noted earlier, SJ Broad is in the studio rocking a look. Mazal tov old mate.

And that is tea. England have been bowled out in 51.4 overs, and again there’s so much time in the game … plus Mark Wood. I cannot wait for this final sesh.

So Wood is left stranded on 36; as I’m sure he’ll remind his mates, the Test record was on. But what about Abrar Ahmed, eh? 7-114 on d’boo is one of the most absurd things I’ve seen since … well since Goncalo Ramos scored a hat-trick on Tuesday night. But this is of similar insanity, and I can’t get enough of trying to pretend I know how he’s feeling.

WICKET! Anderson b Zahid 7 (England 281 all out)

Anderson goes for his reverse again, misses … and Zahid hits! Pakistan would’ve taken this when they lost the toss!

52nd over: England 281-9 (Wood 36, Anderson 7) A single to each batter begins the over…

51st over: England 277-9 (Wood 35, Anderson 6) In comes Abar again, hoping to be Pakistan’s first-ever bowler to take eight on debut. I’ve not seen the like since Peter Such’s sixfer! Anderson takes one to cover, then Wood comes down and wallops four uppishly through mid on – he’s enjoying this – then goes over extra for four more! Is he finished? Of course he isn’t, flinging hands at one outside off that drops fractionally short of the man at 45 – he picked that up late, I think, that should’ve been gone – and the ball races away for four more! This is a terrific innings, absolutely brimming with markwoodness.

“Wonderful to see the debut of a mystery spinner weaving his magic (Arbacadabra?),” says Colum Fordham. “Arbar’s wristy action, flicking the ball out of the front of his hand, is great to watch, and his variations in speed and flight are quite something, as Stokes’ reaction to the googly that got him testify. Seven wickets must be close to a record by a wrist-spinner on debut. Can Leach and Jacks respond in kind? Not so much mystery in their armoury.”

In England’s favour is just how many bowlers they have – but no, considerably less mystery than an Enid Blyton novel.

50th over: England 264-9 (Wood 23, Anderson 5) Anderson takes a single into the on side, then Wood comes down and muscles four through cover … then eases onto one knee and hauls through midwicket for four more! A dot follows, then Zahid drops short and Wood skips back to cart through midwicket again for the third four of the over! DI Gower thinks England are already competitive…

“England’s Achilles heel used to be getting out to the sweep,” says Mark Hooper. “Now it’s the reverse sweep. Progress!”

49th over: England 251-9 (Wood 11, Anderson 4) Here comes Abrar again; how will he respond to the desecration of his debut all-10? Er, just fine; Wood takes him for two forced through cover, then there’s an appeal for one that kicks and hits the pad … but was going well down. I’m not sure what constitutes a competitive score here because the damage has been done by a spinner the like of which England don’t have, but they’ll surely want another 50. Er, good luck with that.

48th over: England 249-9 (Wood 9, Anderson 4) Here comes Zahid with the hat-trick ball … and Anderson defends coming forward … then he unfurls the sweep, getting it fine for four.

WICKET! Leach b Zahid 0 (England 245-9)

Leech tries a colossal reverse-mow – first ball, noch – misses, and Zahid is on a hatty!

WICKET! Robinson c Mohammed Nawaz b Zahid 5 (England 245-8)

Robinson goes again only this time he gets underneath it; Mohammed Nawaz keeps his eye on a steepler and Abrar’s all-10 is ruined but England are in all sorts!

48th over: England 245-7 (Robinson 5, Wood 9) Thanks Tanya and morning everyone. Goodness me! Imagine how Abrar Ahmed is feeling right now; I say imagine, but as if we can! This is one of the most incredible things we’ve ever seen, and it’s not done yet. But it’s Zahid at the other end .. and Robinson hammers him through midwicket for four!

47th over: England 241-7 (Robinson 1, Wood 9) Wood decides that the sword is less risky than the pen and smacks Abrar for two fours. They take drinks and I will hand over to Daniel Harris to take you through to stumps and follow the amazing fairy tale of Abrar Ahmed. Thanks for all the messages – bye!

46th over: England 233-7 (Robinson 1, Wood 0) Arghghg.

”Always interests me how any “new” player can mesmerise a team,” mulls Karen in Slovenia. ”Is it because they haven’t been studied in any depth? Anyway this often happens.Pakistan beware Wood.”

45th over: England 232-7 (Robinson 0, Wood 0) Huge applause for Abrar as he takes his fielding position at the end of the over. Just the seven on debut. Can he take all ten?

WICKET! Jacks lbw Abrar 31 (England 231-7)

Seven for Abrar! Jacks reviews, and why not, but the ball would have trimmed the top bail and it is umpire’s call. “Called Test cricket for a reason you say?” Abrar chews his gum and turns.

44th over: England 229-6 (Jacks 29, Robinson 0) Robinson somehow survives a beauty from Nawaz that blows kisses at the edge of the bat and the top of the stumps.

43rdover: England 228-6 (Jacks 28, Robinson 0) Abrar: 18 non-stop overs, 6 for 89. Stokes dismissed defending diligently.

WICKET! Stokes b Abrar 30 (England 228-6)

Abrar – cadabra indeed! A sixth for Abrar as Stokes pushes forward, misses the googly, and whose mouth forms a perfect “o” of surprise.

42nd over: England 228-5 (Stokes 30, Jacks 28) This time Jacks throws the bat, and cracks Nawaz’s first ball for six. Dainty footwork.

41st over: England 218-5 (Stokes 29, Jacks 19) Ignore me. Stokes gallops intimidatingly to Abrar’s first all and grill-pans him for six first ball. And repeat third ball, this time for four. An lbw shout and Rizwan persuades Babar to plump for a review – it’s not a good one – pitches over the hill and yonder outside leg. “The worst review in history,” says my sofa companion.

40th over: England 208-5 (Stokes 19, Jacks 19) A temporary halt to Bazball.

39th over: England 206-5 (Stokes 17, Jacks 19) Babar chases the ball to the brink of the rope to huge cheers, and stops four leg byes. The crowd starting to spread and shout, murmurating.

There’s a parallel universe where Adil Rashid, winning his 60th Test cap, is sat in the England dressing room in Multan right now licking his lips

— Ali Martin (@Cricket_Ali) December 9, 2022

38th over: England 202-5 (Stokes 16, Jacks 19) Jacks stands and slams Nawaz for 6 to overtake Stokes.

37th over: England 19-5 (Stokes 15, Jacks 12) Jacks sweeps Abrar for four to break the Pakistan hold and ooof! he is utterly befuddled by one out of the back of the hand. He steps back, it spins in and passes the top of the stumps by the width of a cough.

36th over: England 189-5 (Stokes 15, Jacks 8) Jacks sweeps a couple, drives with worryingly hard wrists but it doesn’t carry to extra-cover.

35th over: England 184-5 (Stokes 15, Jacks 3) Abrar continues to toss it high and temptingly. England demurely flutter their petticoats.

Afternoon session

34th over: England 181-5 (Stokes 14, Jacks 1) Nawaz fires it in and immediately finds some turn. Just the single. Careful hands.

“Who would have credited a year ago that losing Duckett was a key moment, but losing Root isn’t….” taps Charles Sheldrick, Deepest Darkest Devon, currently -7.5

The most impressive thing about the very impressive Abrar was that he didn’t lose his nerve when England were tonking him about.

“The problem with the shit or bust approach on a spinning pitch is that you both lose the advantage of tiring out the opposition and possibly bowling last on a fifth day pitch.”

Alex Webster is on team Stokes. “I don’t think this team are interested in consolidating and I agree with them. They have a clear vision to play to their collective strengths. Probably the only poor dismissal was Brook, who was playing a shot based on the previous pitch not the one he was watching for an hour from the pavilion. They have 180 at almost 6 an over. They can continue to “fail” like this and still end up scoring 275-300 which in the old days was a reasonable score on a difficult pitch. Keep going!”

This is the nub. It isn’t more moral to score 350 in a day than in a day and three quarters. Even if it might feel more like it if you are in a hair-shirt mood.

Athers and Nasser are my very favourite commentators to drink coffee too on a Friday morning with it -6 outside. They’re discussing why Stokes never tried to change the culture when Root was captain. Stokes is extremely loyal, says Athers. Stokes was asked about it and said, “I stood by Joe Root every step of the way,” “Some people are just born leaders,” says Athers, “born a bit different. And Stokes is one of them.”

Mr Abrar Ahmed @ 24 years debuts with 5 for 70 at lunch on day 1 in Multan. A rarity indeed!!

— IJAZ DURRANI (@IJAZDURRANI12) December 9, 2022

Living the dream!

In the studio, Stuart Broad is carrying off new fatherhood with aplomb.

In Multan, Michael Atherton says that there is no dishonour in an honourable draw.

“Hello from under two duvets in Notting Hill,” writes James Walsh. “When my girlfriend got up for her early shift, she was mildly confused that I joined her for coffee rather than drifting back to sleep.

“Winter tours feel like a collective secret for us cricket fans; also, when alone, a reassuring reminder that life is going on out there somewhere.”

Beautifully put.

“This is a huge test of the new approach,” writes Steve Hudson. “Do they consolidate now and take their time, or do they try to keep scoring at a run a ball? Call me an old fogey but consolidating looks the best option to me”

I’m intrigued too – but I just don’t think Stokes has it in him to revert to slow and steady. Play resumes at 8.30 GMT. I’m going to go and grab a coffee and wake up my son. Back shortly!

Lunch: England 180-5 (Abrar Ahmed 5-70)

33rd over: England 180-5 (Stokes 14, Jacks 0) Stokes is twitchy. He sweep Abrar for four, then jimmys him just – just- over the fielder at long-on, before carving a short ball away through extra cover for four. A couple of dots to finish and that is LUNCH!

Abrar leads Pakistan off the field, with a shy little wave. Five before sandwiches on debut.

32ndover: England 170-5 (Stokes 4, Jacks 0) An over-excited Pakistan lose a review after trying to overturn a not-out lbw against Stokes against Nawaz.

”Won’t someone spare a thought for the poor umpires this morning?” taps the empathetic Brian Withington. “Sweeps and reverse sweeps galore, wrist spinners in tandem and run a ball scoring – no wonder they are having ‘a bit of a mare’ with so many overturned reviews.”

31st over: England 167-5 (Stokes 1, Jacks 0) Only seven bowlers in Test history have dismissed England’s top five on the first morning of a Test. Welcome to five-day cricket Abrar Ahmed!

WICKET! Brook c Nawaz b Abrar 9 (England 167-5)

Oh my! Brook slaps the ball up into the stratosphere and Nawaz does brilliantly to take it, trying to block out the sun with one hand before safely holding on with both. Abrar picks up five on the first morning of his first Test! He bends and kisses the ground and Babar almost eats him

30th over: England 166-4 ( Brook 9, Stokes o) The last man to dismiss the England top four in the opening innings of a Test – Shane Warne in 2005.

29th over: England 164-4 ( Brook 7, Stokes o) What a debut for Abrar, a fourth wicket as England have a brief attack of the collie-wobbles. Stokes pats away the remaining two balls of the over.

WICKET! Pope c Shafique b Abrar 60 (England 164-4)

A furious Ollie Pope, eyes flashing, bursting through his vest in huge temper, stalks away after reverse-sweeping in the air, straight to backward point. Done by some extra bounce.

28th over: England 162-3 ( Pope 58, Brook 7) Pope tucks into Nawaz – just realised that today’s extended first session and hour for lunch is because of Friday prayers.

Solidarity for Ben Foakes from one who knows…

Sounds familiar….can hear the same sentences echoing in my head from the distant past #selection

— Jack Russell MBE (@jackrussellart) December 8, 2022


27th over: England 153-3 ( Pope 51, Brook 5) A tenth over from Abrar, three for 57. I think he’d take that, as would Babar but England’s scoring rate of six an over is going to continue to cause Pakistan problems.

Does anyone have snow yet? There was a small flurry yesterday afternoon as I went out to buy some vegetarian sausages.

Fifty for Ollie Pope!

26th over: England 151-3 ( Pope 50, Brook 5) Yet another fifty for Pope, with a single off Nawaz. He started with a reverse-sweep, survived early Abrar, overturned being given out on the field, and has eased into stylish accumulation. Off just 52 balls.

25th over: England 151-3 ( Pope 49, Brook 5) A third wicket for Abrar. Brook marches in and from a crouch, slaps Abrar for four through mid-on. We’re not about to pause for lunch, Aggers tells me, as they’re going to play for another half hour. But what about my coffee?

WICKET! Root lbw 8 (England 145-3)

After waiting an age for ultra-edge to show us that Root didn’t hit it, ball tracking sends Root on his way! A third wicket for Abrar and Pakistan are bouncing with delight. Yet another on-field decision overturned.

REVIEW! Root lbw Abrar 8

Hit on the back leg… given not out on the pitch… Babar goes for the review with almost a shrug …

24th over: England 145-2 ( Pope 48, Root 8)A change of bowling, some slow left from the immaculately bearded Mohammad Nawaz. Well controlled, but Pope picks ups a couple from his reverse-sweep thanks to a clodhopping misfield at backward point. Four leg byes.

If I wasn’t awake half an hour ago, I am after listening to the last few overs @tjaldred. Away Tests in Asia are a delight on the ears, but this England team are not soporific like the past. With Duckett out, #GilbertJessopWatch is over, at least until Brook is in.

— Guy Hornsby (@GuyHornsby) December 9, 2022

23rd over: England 138-2 ( Pope 46, Root 7) Abrar again, a few more starting to fill the stands now. Pope, busy, busy, looks a little out of breath. I wonder if that’s the air quality?

22nd over: England 133-2 ( Pope 43, Root 5) Mahmood, tall, with a high arm. Root pats away two to get off the mark. A Pope boundary stopped with some nifty footwork on the boundary.