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Panda Dome Advanced review | TechRadar

Panda Dome Advanced is a capable security suite which sits right in the middle of Panda’s product range. That means you don’t just get the antivirus and 150MB/ day VPN of Panda Free, and the firewall, network protection and cross-platform support (Windows, Mac, Android) of Panda Dome Essential. Panda Dome Advanced adds three more tools: parental controls for Windows, identity protection and an extra security layer to keep you safe from ransomware and ‘advanced threats.’

Panda does have more powerful suites available. Dome Complete throws in encryption, a password manager, and device cleanup and maintenance. And Dome Premium gives you a full unlimited VPN, a Windows and software update manager and unlimited ‘Premium 24/7 Technical Support.’ 

If you’re not looking for every possible security extra, though – or you’re just tired of overweight suites crammed with features you never use – then Panda Dome Advanced could be the perfect balance of power and price.


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