Prada Presents An Alternative Way To Wear False Eyelashes—Just in Time for Spooky Season

In a show that was all about simplicity, there was one striking beauty detail that stood out on the Prada spring 2023 runway. Makeup artist (and Britsh Vogue’s beauty editor-at-large) Pat McGrath applied thick, false, and custom-made eyelashes onto models’s upper eyelids—almost an umbrella of lashes, they were so long and straight that they fanned over the eyes.

“The collection represents reflections of creative freedom and the makeup showed up in a captivating, major way!” McGraths says of the look. “The eyes are draped with garments of custom faux lashes with intentional shape and placement. Paired with undetectable radiant skin and a nude lip, this look redefines what it means to add a faux lash. Distinct drama—it is the perfect accessory for the collection.”

Photo: Getty Images

Evoking the sort of creepy, doll-esque eye makeup more frequently seen over Halloween, the lashes fluttered over otherwise bare and beautiful skin—McGrath’s Rose 001 The Essence had a lot to do with that—and were paired with a suitably minimal hair look. Hairstylist Guido Palau worked with models’s natural hair texture, enhancing it gently for movement and a low-key feel. Healthy shine and neat center partings completed the look.