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Queen news: Royal Family well prepared for challenges of living in the spotlight | Royal | News

Royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti praised the Royal Family for its ability to stay relevant in the modern era. While speaking to, he noted that each generation of Royal Family members brings new challenges and reflected on Prince Harry’s issues with the monarchy. He noted that the Queen and the monarchy, as an entity, have become very good at dealing with these challenges.

He highlighted that Princess Diana proved difficult for the Royal Family to deal with but, like with Prince Harry, the Royal Family will be able to resolve any issues.

Mr Sacerdoti said: “The Royal Family is constantly having to adjust to the modern world.

“Part of that modern world is the members of the family itself, every generation brings new challenges.

“I think the fact that we have them as the head of Britain, this aristocratic family, they don’t have actual power but they are the family at the head of the country with the Queen as the head of state.

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“It is something that has worked well in Britain and has fairly decent support.”

But every generation of that challenges it in one way or another.

“If you are born into that family I think it is obviously quite difficult psychologically as an individual.

“But there are measures in place, routes you can take, that help you to deal with that.

“We saw him growing up in the spotlight from the word go, his mother Princess Diana was obviously massively high-profile across the whole world.

“She provided challenges to the Royal Family from an outsider marrying into it,

“She was also quite unlike other members of the family and of course that ended very tragically.

“Most tragically for her children William and Harry, so I think Harry then grew up with having to deal with the sadness, grief and trauma of losing his mother in such a high-profile and traumatic way at such a young age.”

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