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Red Sox fan spits on man over seat dispute

During a Red Sox game against the Orioles this week, a Boston fan turned and spat on a man after he confronted her about sitting in the wrong seat.

In a video posted to Twitter, the woman, standing with her arms crossed, told the man behind her that “We’ve literally been sitting here all night.” Another woman, sitting in the same aisle, replied, “No you haven’t. We’ve been sitting here all night.”

The video then captured a voice away from the camera calling the woman’s name, and the man pointed toward that group and asked the woman if that was her name and those were her friends.

“All your friends are over there,” he said.

That’s when the woman spat on the man before walking away, and the camera panned to show her walking up the aisle steps.

As of Aug. 9, Baltimore announced that it had reinstated an indoor mask mandate that would required all fans to wear a face covering while inside the suites or the team store, among other locations. But after fans moved outdoors to their seats, they no longer needed the mask and weren’t required to socially distance, though the Orioles, according to their team website’s health and safety protocols, still encouraged it when possible — which spitting would violate.

Red Sox fan spitting on man

According to the New York Times, Baltimore Country recorded 134 cases on Sept. 30 with a 6% test positivity rate over the last 14 days.

The Red Sox — locked in a wild card race with the New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays and Seattle Mariners — dropped two of three games to the Orioles at Camden Yards this week. They close their season with three games on the road against the Washington Nationals.

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