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Royal Family LIVE: Charles could deny Meghan and Harry major royal perk | Royal | News

Prince William and Prince Charles’ attempts to branch out into TV shows their desire to “take control of the narrative”, in a similar manner to Prince Harry’s lucrative deal with Netflix over in the US.

When asked if she thought Prince Charles and Prince William looked to the Sussexes media deals for inspiration, royal commentator Dr Tessa Dunlop said: “I think one does inform the other.

“Also, they’ve come in for a bit of a battering, whether it’s Charles and access for cash and William with allegations of bullying and the bust-up with his brother, Andrew we know all about him.

“By curating your own films, you take control of your narrative.

“To be honest, it’s something of a no-brainer, now you remember the Royal Family tried to do this in op-doc form about three or four decades ago, and then it never saw the light of day again.

“The Queen was like ‘no we’re not having up close and personal’, but actually this is a kind of reincarnation of that idea.”

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