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Royal Family live: ‘Rockstar’ Kate is ‘everything Meghan should have been’, says insider | Royal | News

The Duchess of Cambridge is becoming the “saviour of the Royal Family”, a royal commentator has claimed.

Writing in the Telegraph’s weekly royal newsletter, Ms Tominey highlighted the dazzling gold dress Kate wore to the James Bond premiere earlier this week.

The royal expert said: “How fitting that the dress should have been fitted with a cape, as there remains a growing sense that the 39-year-old mother of three is fast becoming the saviour of the Royal family.

“And if you think that’s overstating it: consider the pivotal role Kate has yet to play in the monarchy as both the wife and the mother of a future king.

“Yes, the Duchess of Cornwall will be the next Queen (on paper at least), but when it comes to ushering in 21st-century royalty, Kate will rule the waves.”

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