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Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 review

There are few gaming monitors out there more luxurious than the Samsung Odyssey G9. The massive 49-inch monitor rocked a massive 5,120 x 1,440 resolution with a 240Hz refresh rate and even backed it up with an HDR 1000 rating. However, 2021 is a whole new year and now we’re getting the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9, which takes everything that the Odyssey G9 did and turns it up to 11. 

We’re talking about better lighting, an HDR 2000 rating and a move to Mini-LED technology, which makes the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 one of the most advanced gaming monitors we’ve ever seen. However, not only will you need one of the best gaming PCs – probably something like the RTX 3080 as a minimum – the Neo G9 is even more expensive than it was last year.

But it’s largely worth the added cost if you can afford it. The display is genuinely the best we’ve ever used, with amazing color and black levels that you simply won’t find in most other gaming monitors. Playing games on this thing is truly a luxurious experience, which makes the mind-blowing price tag feel at least a little justified. 

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9

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