Sarah Jessica Parker Reflects on Her—and Carrie’s—Fendi Baguette Collection

Parker attended the show carrying a pink iteration with a green inlay on the intersecting F logo (on her bags, the hardware is interchangeable, and this was plucked from the green version of the bag). The small detail matched her jade green stiletto shoes, which she wore with a houndstooth shirt and beige slip skirt. A chainmail-like necklace peeked out from the under the top, and her hair was styled in beachy waves.

For Parker, it’s easy to see why Bradshaw kept her Fendis for over 20 years. “Who wouldn’t? I have my very first Baguette, I’ll always have it,” she says, referring to a dark green satin Baguette with a red strap. “I would loan them, I would share them, but I would never give them away. So I’m not mystified at all that [Carrie] wouldn’t get rid of it because those are real pieces.”

Though the bag has been released in hundreds of fabrications, it still has a timeless quality that keeps people wanting more (as evidenced by the enthusiastic crowd at the show). Parker says it’s always been that way. “That’s not the stuff you flirt with and then move on,” she says. “Everyone I know has their original baguettes. Everyone who could afford to buy one or who was fortunate enough to be gifted one has their original baguettes from ’97, ’98, ’99.”

Given that Carrie has so many iconic pieces, what does Parker think Carrie would reach for first if there was a fire in her house? Bags or shoes? “Oh don’t do that,” Parker laughs. “I’m sure she has a plan in place where she could have it all.”