Sarah Jessica Parker Stars In Vogue’s ‘Sex and the City’–Themed Digital Cover and Video

Twenty-five years ago this month, a fictional columnist named Carrie Bradshaw introduced us to her corner of New York. It wasn’t the real New York, of course, but the New York everyone wanted to move to: a city full of women in Manolos. Men in town cars. Conversation over cosmos. And so many utterly outrageous outfits. Sex and the City created a swirl of reality and fantasy so delicious, that even after six seasons, two feature films, and a prequel, we still wanted more.

With And Just Like That… we’re once again in Carrie’s city. The cast of characters is a little different, but the DNA remains the same—a credit to the show’s inimitable lead, Sarah Jessica Parker. As AJLT returns this week for its sophomore season, we wanted to pay tribute to the show, the star, the mythology, the fashion, and New York, with all its possibilities and personalities. For our digital cover, director Bardia Zeinali and fashion editor Jorden Bickham imagined a Sex and the City column come to life: something that spoke to this fiercely loved franchise as well as mega looks from Parker’s (and Bradshaw’s) past. Where does one icon end and the other begin? We couldn’t help but wonder…

Watch Sarah Jessica Parker in Vogue’s *Sex and the City–*themed video

Below, we break down every outfit from our cover shoot. 

Hello, lover! Parker parts the sea with a head-to-toe Maison Margiela look—complete with mismatched shoes. We suspect Miss Bradshaw would approve.