Sarah Michelle Gellar Addresses Why She Didn’t Share Her Joss Whedon Experiences

Many Buffy the Vampire Slayer stars spoke out against Joss Whedon, but Sarah Michelle Gellar has explained by she remained quiet on the matter.

When revelations were made about the on-set attitude and actions of Joss Whedon, many stars of the writer/director’s shows and movies came forward to finally share their experiences. This included a number of actors from the 90s smash Buffy the Vampire Slayer, such as Charisma Carpenter, but one person who remained silent throughout was lead star Sarah Michelle Gellar. Now the actress has explained why she chose not to speak out in relation to the allegations against Whedon.

Sarah Michelle Gellar has spent almost a decade out of Hollywood, taking time to enjoy her family and her children growing up. Now she has returned and will soon be seen in Teen Wolf spin-off Wolf Pack amongst other things. While speaking recently to the New York Times about her upcoming projects, the subject of Whedon came up. While Gellar did admit to having her own “fair share of experiences” she noted that society’s way of turning things into a “victim blaming” social media onslaught, she chooses to keep them to herself. She said:


“Growing up in New York, I had a little bit of street sense going into it, which is helpful. But no, it was not easy. And I’ve had my fair share of experiences, I have just chosen not — I don’t win by telling my stories, emotionally, for me. I look at people that tell their stories, and I’m so impressed. But in this world where people get torn apart, and victim blaming and shaming, I just keep my stories in here.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar Has Recently Made A Return To The Industry

There was a time when Sarah Michelle Gellar was everywhere, appearing in Buffy the Vampire Slayer between 1997 and 2003, alongside movie roles in Cruel Intentions, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scream 2, Scooby-Doo and The Grudge. She starred in the comedy series The Crazy One’s with Robin Williams in 2013, and it was after the death of Williams that she felt she had to take a break from the Hollywood machine. She previously said:

“I’ve been working my entire life. When I had kids — and it was right after Robin passed away — there was just so much going on in my life and I just said, ‘I need to take a break.’ I need to be here for these early formative years of my kids’ life. I needed that break to be the parent that I wanted to be.”

However, the actress is now back, having made an appearance as herself in The Big Bang Theory in 2019, and providing the voice for Teela in Kevin Smith’s Master’s of the Universe revival on Netflix, which will release its second season soon. In addition to that, she has a central role in the upcoming Teen Wolf spin-off Wolf Pack, and also appearing in the Camilo Mendes and Maya Hawke comedy movie Do Revenge, and in Kevin Smith’s Clerks III.